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50% of people without homes in the US have spent time in foster care.

60% of girls rescued from sex trafficking in the US have spent time in foster care.

75% of the US prison population has spent time in foster care.

If birth parents don't succeed in reunifying with their children the first time they are separated, they often reenter with another child in the future, and the children they lose are at catastrophically increased risk for a host of challenges. In fact, many of the parents we work with were once children in foster care. It's a brutal cycle. A family being permanently separated often causes a tragic domino effect contributing to many of our biggest societal challenges.


But there is hope. We believe that cycle is broken when families experience the healing that comes from community. The parents we work with are amazing and beautiful and strong. They are doing so much, and often all they need from us is a consistent place to be seen, to be heard, to belong, and to hear, "Keep going. You can do this. We believe in you."


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