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Midstream: Intervention

Become Foster Friendly

The Foster Friendly App helps connect businesses, faith spheres, and community organizations to foster families to better support foster and kinship families so they can keep doing the important work in their homes.

Become a CASA Volunteer

CASA volunteers advocate for safe, nurturing, and permanent connections to family and community so children who have experienced abuse and neglect have the opportunity to thrive.

Become a foster parent

Foster parents provide a temporary safe place and support for youth who have experienced abuse, neglect or other family challenges. To become a foster parent in Larimer County, please consider these options.

Please also consider Superior Caregivers, a foster certifying organization particularly passionate about youth in foster care with I/DD needs and behavioral concerns, as well as providing training and support for foster parents caring for these youth.

Donate to or drive for KindConnect

KindConnect allows community members to donate physical items requested by families in need so children receive the care they deserve.

Mentor a child with Chafee

Chafee provides assistance to help youth successfully transition to adulthood, which may include help with education, employment financial management, housing, emotional support, and assured connections to caring adults for older youth in foster care.

Provide respite

One of the greatest needs in our foster community, respite ranges from help with errands and transportation to caring for foster kids for a few hours or even while foster parents go on a trip. Foster parents are on the front lines, and respite care is the most important support allowing them to stay there! Contact any certified placement agency to provide respite for them.

Respite Care through Kids at Heart

Providing a variety of respite options, Kids at Heart gives volunteers an opportunity to receive trauma training, help kids, and give care providers a much-needed break.

Sponsor a Monthly Ambassador Event

Ambassadors are former foster/kinship caregivers who connect with Foster and Kinship Caregivers. Ambassadors host monthly events, deliver relief items, and builds a network of families that seek connection with one another.

Volunteer to be a Family Advocate

Trained volunteers who come alongside biological parents (many of whom are aged-out foster youth) whose children are in county custody, using a relational approach to help them address the underlying causes and heal their families.

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